Friday, June 16, 2006

Farny Family Updates!

I decided this would be a great way to stay in touch with the family and share updates, pictures, cute Maija stories, etc. You can also visit for more detailed info about our developing new baby.

Family Updates
Our biggest family news is that we're expecting another baby! It looks like he or she will be due February 20, 2007. We're working on sharing the news with Maija, but whenever I point to my tummy and tell her there's a baby in there, she looks very confused.

Kent is working full-time at ASU's PTL (Photovoltaics Testing Laboratory - for the summer. He'll be starting a master's degree in alternative power generation at ASU in the fall, and he will continue working at the PTL 30 hours a week. In May, Kent graduated with his bachelor's in electronics engineering technology.

Kim is at home with Maija full-time and is still working with the young women in our ward. She's trying to pace herself with the new pregnancy (and the exhaustion that comes with it), chasing after Maija, and keeping on top of the everyday things that need to get done. Kim has been really lucky and grateful to have the help of family (yes YOU Mom!) and friends to be able to manage everything. Because of this help, she was even able to go to Girls' Camp with the ward's young women at the beginning of the month. She missed Kent and Maija a lot, but enjoyed her time with the girls.

Maija is 17 months old and will be headed to nursery at church next month. Both her mom and dad are looking forward to being able to attend classes again on Sundays instead of walking the halls the whole time. Maija continues to be a little spitfire. She climbs everything, loves to go down slides, adores reading her books, and is constantly identifying every object around her. Her favorites right now are animals, especially "ho" (horse) and "quack quack" (duck). She's also taken to singing "Ee Aih Ee Aih Oh...Quack Quack Quack...Quack Quack Quack". Maija also loves to "call call" her "pa" (Grandpa and Mummi) and talk to them on the phone. She is so much fun!

Baby #2
Visit for more info on Baby's development.

Remy is still with us. He is still cute and smart and fun, but he's had to adjust to taking on the role of family dog instead of Kim's baby. He seems to have accepted it, but he mopes a little more than he used to and craves as many belly rubs as he can get.