Thursday, December 4, 2008

Moved In!

It finally happened! We moved into the new house, and we are now faced with the unpacking and hanging pictures, and trying to find that one pair of shoes. Sunday was a joke. We had moved in on Saturday and were so exhausted by Saturday night that we just crashed. The next morning at 7:15am we woke up to get ready for church, but we knew there was no way we were all going to make it out the door to 8am church. Not to mention the fact that Rebekah had the stomach flu through all of this, so she couldn't go anyway.

Kent decided he would go to the first part of church, so I could get ready and make it to the last half since I needed to be there for Relief Society. He showered very fast, got dressed in wrinkly clothes, and then searched and searched and searched for shoes! The only shoes he could find were his tennis shoes, which weren't going to work. It turned out that we had left most of our shoes in the old house. Eventually, we did all make it to church in rotations, except Bekah. Thankfully, she is actually healthy this week.

Somehow I thought things would slow down once we moved into the new house, but the pace hasn't slowed. There's a constant rushing from one thing to the next; feeding the girls, cleaning the girls, cleaning the house, doing RS, unpacking boxes, feeding the girls, cleaning the girls, cleaning the house, etc. etc. After all that cleaning, you'd think that I had the cleanest kids and house on the planet, but somehow they still manage to look like street children by the end of the day. And my house...don't even get me started. At least now the messy house we live in is one that we own :-)

Other interesting happenings: Kent defended his master's project, which was really fun to see. I had never seen the completed solar/fuel cell hybrid system that he designed, so it was great to get the tour along with a few other people and to hear him talk about it. I'm so proud of him! He'll graduate in 2 weeks, and he is MORE than ready to be done with school! Love that man!