Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Truth About This Summer

First off I have to do some advertising for my home-based preschool - Little Amigos Preschool - www.littleamigospreschool.com. We're registering for the Fall 2013 semester, and I'm happy to continue to offer a preschool option for families on a budget. We use a pay-as-you-go tuition system where you only pay for the classes your child attends ($15/class). For more info, visit our website - www.littleamigospreschool.com.

Now, onto my rantings about this summer. I love my children. I'll just start there. And, we had grand plans for doing our own little summer school at home and swim classes and soccer and gymnastics and riding bikes and playing outside. June was pretty close to that. We had lots of sports activities and did a theme for each week for our at-home summer school. In fact, the first few weeks of June, I actually did lessons and projects with the kids. Our themes included "Under the Sea", "Asia", "Outer Space", and I can't even remember the others. We started the summer out strong.

July, unfortunately, has been more like this - 1) bedtimes have gotten later and later, 2) wake-up times have gotten later and later, 3) our summer school has officially ended a month early, 4) I let my kids skip their sports classes (except Maija who is preparing to be on the competition gymanstics team), 5) kids fighting, 6) me yelling at them to stop yelling at each other, 7) more fighting, and 8) WAY too much TV (Dr. Who, anyone?). Sigh.

I suppose I should just be proud of myself that June went almost as planned and embrace the chaos. We have 1 month left of summer break. I can do hard things!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

End of the Year - That Was Fast!

You know how time is relative? If one were to use my blog to measure time, the old saying "time flies" would literally be true. My last post lamented the start of a new school year, and now next week is the end of the school year. Where did it go? Seriously, I want to know. Where did the time go?

Although, I am baffled by how fast the year has passed, here are a few clues:

- I started a home-based preschool
- We began getting certified for foster care
- We sold our house
- We lived in a hotel for a month with 4 kids (waiting for the new house)
- Moved into the new house
- Got settled and...
- It was the end of the school year

Yep, that's pretty much how it all went. Here is a sort of photo essay of the year.

Photo by Rachel Eng Photography

Photo by Rachel Eng Photography

Photo by Rachel Eng Photography

Photo by Rachel Eng Photography