Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Joy That Is Forest

Forest with Grandma - 3/26/09

What a big boy Forest is getting to be. He is 5 weeks old already which is hard to believe, and he is growing so quickly. He's already gained over 3 pounds and 4 inches, and he is so strong holding his head up without any problem and putting all his weight on his legs. He's also starting to try to roll over. I'm telling you this baby is seriously strong. Of course, Kent says, "Good! He's going to be an athlete!" :-) We know that his birth uncle is an engineer, so he may also end up following in Kent's footsteps and be an engineer. Really I don't care what he grows up to be as long as he is a good person.

Maija and Rebekah are SO cute with him. Maija tells him all day long, "Oh baby, I love you!" and Rebekah is right there at his side as soon as he starts crying; she gets upset with me if I don't make his milk fast enough, "Mama! Baby cry!!!" It's also been fun to see Forest start to respond to the girls. He loves to watch them while they run around the room or jump up and down on the bed. He is a very observant baby and will just stare at your face and examine the world around him. In case you haven't noticed I am so in love with this baby and so grateful for him.

I often think about the courage it took for his birth mother to choose to bring him to the world and then to make the ultimate sacrifice and place him for adoption. She could've made very different choices, but because of her wanting what is best for him, we are blessed to have Forest in our family and he has the opportunity to live his life and become whoever he chooses to become. I watched this video tonight and thought of the miracles that brought Forest into our lives -


Melissa said...

He is so cute! I'm glad you guys are doing well!

jennie w. said...

Glad everything is going well with the new babe. He's a cutie!

Is it a lot easier taking care of a baby and not recovering from giving birth as well?

kimberlina said...

A lot of people ask me if it's easier not having give birth, but I don't have a good way of comparing because both with Maija and Rebekah I had such unusual deliveries. Compared to what I went through with my girls, it was WAY easier physically and about the same emotionally.

The thing about adopting is that you're on this emotional rollercoaster: will the birthmother change her mind? Is the baby healthy? Do we get to sign the papers today or tomorrow or the next day? Of course every day that you haven't signed is another day that something could go wrong and you don't get the baby. And then on top of it you're dealing with the normal lack of sleep and adjustments to having a newborn.

Five weeks later I would say that it is easier not to deal with post-partum hormones, getting nursing going, recovering from a c-section. The hardest part for me though has been that everyone assumes you should hit the ground running like nothing happened because, after all, you didn't actually give birth to the baby. I still want to be at home and "nest", and I'm still not getting any sleep, and I still go a little crazy when Forest screams his head off.

I don't know if that answers the question. It's the same but different :-)

JeniRae said...

While, yes, you are blessed to have Forest, he too is so blessed to have you and your family. Do take time to nest. Birthing or not, it's still an importanr stage in the newborn life. We love you! Take your time adjusting and enjoying.

L. said...

Oh, Man, Kim, that video, "Happy Birfday" was a powerful heart ripper! I was especially touched by the NATURAL REACTION he expressed for all people when he said, "From heaven to the womb, back to heaven again." Everyone knows instinctively babies come from heaven. Why do they fight the thought of a pre-earth life for us all?

Every teen (or adult!) ought to have to see that video 10 times in 3 years. It might make them think twice about throwing away life.

And YES! Beautiful Forest is so lucky to have you!

Love you all!

Brooke said...

Where have I been?! CONGRATULATIONS! He is one handsome guy! Your girls are so grown up! I sure love your family!