Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life Is Never Boring

Two recent events have been blogged about by my friends, so in the spirit of laziness or overwhelmedness (not a word, but you know what I mean), I've decided to link directly to their entries:

Toddler Passion - Nov. 24, 2009
One of my closest friends from high school came for a visit, and our two-year-olds fell instantly in love. It was hysterical and SO cute!

Chicken Mayhem - Nov. 20, 2009
Yes, that was our chicken who had escaped the day before when our dog, Remy, attacked one of the other chickens. Miraculously, the attacked chicken was not hurt and the escaped chicken chose our friends' yard to hang out the next day. It's a holiday chicken miracle!

Speaking of the chicken paranormal, I heard this very entertaining story on the radio on the same day of our own chicken miracle

It's the 1st story in the "This American Life" 11/20/09 broadcast told by Greg Warner, a reporter living in Afghanistan.

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