Sunday, October 17, 2010


It's been 6 days since I had hernia repair surgery, and it's been a LONG six days. I can move around a little, but getting up and getting down is pretty painful so I spend most of my time sitting around. I've watched lots of Stargate, read a book, created a Shutterfly calendar for next year, ordered way too many things off the internet, and taken plenty of pain pills. If I didn't have 4 children, I might actually be enjoying this time to rest, but it's almost like torture watching others take care of my children and not be able to do it myself, especially my baby Kiira.

I can hold Kiira and feed her, but I can't get up when she's crying and change her diaper, make her bottle, etc. She has to be brought to me, and it makes me feel guilty and frustrated that I can't take care of her like I normally do. Of course, it hasn't even been a week yet, and I can tell that within another week or so I'll be back on my feet for the most part.

I don't know the details of what they did in the surgery (I see my doctor Tuesday so I should find out then) but they basically cut along two-thirds of my c-section scar, so I feel like I've had a c-section. The nurse in recovery told me they put some mesh inside to keep the intestines in their place. Because the incision is on my c-section scar, it's a bit like I had a baby, except that the baby is 3 months old and weighs 12 pounds, and she smiles already.

The jury's still out on how my recovery will go overall. I'm so grateful to have my mother here and that my husband has been home a lot helping. And my friends and women in the ward have been amazing to bring dinners and take the kids to play. I feel very lucky to have so many good friends and family.

P.S. I have to add a funny quote I overheard:

Bekah telling Maija: I pooped in my panties. Naughty panties!!!


Jen Johnson said...

i am glad things are good. recovery is hard not matter what it is. I found that the body takes its time to heal.

LOL at the girls comment!

L. said...

Blessings on you darling Kim! Sorry the healing taking so long. It must have been a whopper of a hernia, needing mesh and all. Mine was just a little finger-size, and only started to hurt when I started to grow bigger. Ah, the trials and tribulations of life! Thank heavens you have a great support system!

L. said...

Your astronomy picture for the day (which pictures I ADORE) looks like a wad of bread dough being hurled across a dark room.

b davis said...

I hope you feel better soon. That is nice that your mom is there to help.

I laughed so hard about the panty talk. What a hoot.

Greg and Tammy said...

WOW. Hope the recovery from your surgery goes well. That must be so difficult with 4 little ones.

Thanks for the blog comment. Since JJ's wedding, we actually did another successful round of IVF (HUGE miracle) and I am due in January. I'll probably be contacting you in a few years if we decide adoption is out next step. Thanks for always being so willing to help and answer questions. I really appreciate it. Your new baby is precious! Congratulations!!