Thursday, January 26, 2012

Poor Poor Blog

My poor neglected blog. It's not that I don't love you anymore, but I have to confess that I am in another relationship with Facebook. I could tell you that I've been neglecting you because I've been so busy with the kids, which is true, and that someone has been sick on and off since Christmas. That's true, too. But, the real reason is that Facebook is where I turn to first when I have pictures or info to share with the world. Facebook only expects me to write a quick sentence or two, but you, my dear blog, require many sentences. And time.

Like Newt Gingrich I would ask you to be in an open relationship because Facebook doesn't care if I have other relationships. But I know that you require time, attention, cute backgrounds, uploaded pictures, and witty prose. I guess I'll let you decide, oh blog of mine, if posting once a month is enough to make you happy or not. Call me callous, but I can't promise you any more than that right now.

Please forgive me,
The writer of the blog


Andrea said...


Jen Johnson said...

I blog mainly for journaling purposes now! I can write an epilogue on my blog if I want to! I can write things on the blog that I wouldn't on facebook... I do have the same relationship with Facebook as you but both serve different purposes now! :) I only blog about once a month too now! I love the archive purpose of the blog.

Lacey said...

I could never quit blogging! I'm pretty sure it's my personal therapist since we moved. It definitely gives me a reason to look for the good in our life! Because heaven knows no one wants to read about the junk! Although that;s good to blog about too at times!

Come back to blog land! We miss you!

L. said...

True, Facebook is easier and quicker - until you start wandering around, wasting hours reading what OTHER people are saying on THEIR pages.

But Kimberlina, you write such profound and thought-provoking blog posts, that I hope you never quit. If all I can get is once a month, I'll take it, girl!

I NEVER check Facebook. It's like eating one piece of popcorn, or splurging on a gallon and ending up empty anyway.