Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hmmmm ... 18 Months Later

I guess I never got quite into the blogging like I thought I would, but lately I've been getting e-mail s from friends with links to their blogs, and I'll admit it, I've been jealous. Somehow I got lost in Mommyland and feel like I've been left behind technologically speaking. It wasn't too long ago that I was involved enough in the e-world to have a "homepage" whereby I updated everyone on my life. Then somewhere in the last few years, while I was having babies, blogging, texting and iPhones came along.

My texting skills are developing (although I don't have one of those cool keypad phones), my blogging is, well, 18 months behind, and I have yet to buy (or afford) an iPhone. However, I will challenge anyone to a diaper-change-wrestling-match with my 10 month-old! Yes, my skills have been developing, just not the internet/computer/iPod/cell phone ones. We did get TiVo a couple of months ago, so we're feeling pretty darn savvy these days, even if about 90% of what we TiVo is Dora, Dora and more Dora!!!

The Updates

I think I wrote maybe once or twice at the very beginning of my pregnancy with Rebekah (see above re: 10 month-old wrestling baby.) I said something to the effect that I wasn't sick at all yet (Ha!!!) and how nice it was to feel good during pregnancy. Yeah, that lasted maybe two more weeks after that post, and then the vomiting began. I did get lucky during that pregnancy, though, because our insurance covered Zofran, which is a miracle anti-nausea medication. Unfortunately, it doesn't really stop the nausea, just the vomiting. In other words, I still had a miserable pregnancy.

After surviving 7 1/2 months of nausea, early contractions, and general yuckiness, Rebekah was born on January 15th at 35 1/2 gestational weeks. She was taken by c-section (my 2nd) and was 6 lbs. 11 ounces - she was a big, healthy baby. I finally had a "normal" delivery, compared to what I went through with Maija. Since then Rebekah has been a healthy, happy girl. She and Maija are doing great.

Kent is one year out from finishing his master's in alternative fuels engineering. We're excited about that! We also recently moved to another part of town into a newer and much bigger home. Everybody seems happy about being in the new house. During the first week or so after the move, whenever I would tell Maija that were going "home", she would say, "No! I don't want to go to the dirty house. I want to go to the new house." I'm not sure why she decided the old house was dirty; I think maybe she associates it with the chaos right before the move...or perhaps the fact that our house was surrounded by dirt. I don't know.

More to come... I mean it this time!

Kimberlina Farny

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