Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I love my friends! Although I often get caught up in the everyday cares of raising kids and keeping our family going, when I get the rare chance to visit with old friends, it is the best! In the last week I've been able to visit with 2 old friends, JJ, who I've known since our days on the mission in Spain 16 (gulp!) years ago, and Jean the Dream, who was in my graduate program at ASU.

JJ came over and my girls instantly loved her. See some pics of our visit:

Kim & JJ Now and Then

15 Years Ago - On The Mission in Spain - 1993
Some things never change.

"What the? You ladies are crazy!" thinks Bekah.

Bekah's coming around. Maybe being crazy ain't so bad.

Then, yesterday we met up with Jean and her 2 little boys for some play time, which really ended up being chase-our-kids-around time. It was fun to catch up in between running around and averting the next disaster. Here are a few pictures of our time:

A quick little story - Rebekah has no fear and was running around the whole place regardless of where I happened to be. A few times during the day I had moments of panic when I couldn't find her right away. Then there she'd be, stealing other kids' tokens and putting them in her mouth, or reaching for the already-eaten candy on the ground (yuk!) Towards the end of our day, a child with another group fell off one of the rides, and the paramedics had to come. Here they were surrounding the child, who lay on the ground right in front of the main entrance. So, what does Rebekah do? She got away from me and ran straight over the paramedics and the hurt child. I got to her just before she actually tried touching the child's face. I'm telling you, she has no fear! Which scares me to death.


jennie w. said...

If you love us so much, why don't you ever call? or even post a comment on our blogs?

It's me...J.J. :) said...

I LOVE the new photos...and I really had a great visit with you. Give those cute kids of your hugs from JJ. Send the photos so I can have a copy too!

Omgirl said...

Now that I'm blogging, I'll have to post pictures of us next time we get together. By the way, did you see my blog post that had a link to my website with pictures of Daphne and Maija? go back a few days on my blog and you'll see it.