Wednesday, May 14, 2008


There's a reason other than just plain laziness why I haven't blogged in the last week - the flu! I read the following online, "This year, people who received flu shots were just as likely to get the flu as those who did not get flu shots." - From

This was true at our house. After thinking that I had gotten through flu season without catching a flu, I got slammed last week with a doozy. Rebekah was the first to get it, then 2 days later Maija got it, and I was feeling sorry for myself that I'd be home alone with 2 sick kids, while Kent went to San Diego (see my previous post.) Well, the day he left, I got hit with it, and it was a nasty flu. So, here we are 11 days later, and all three of us Farny girls are on antibiotics for secondary infections ranging from ear infection, bronchitis, to sinus infection. It's been a miserable week and a half.

The hero in this story is my husband, who jumped on an airplane an hour after I called him and begged him to come home early. Even though it was only a question of a few hours' difference, having him home early saved me! He walked in the door after coming straight from the airport, sent me to bed, and completely took over. I love that man!!!

So...will we get flu shots next year? Probably. Let's just hope they get it right next flu season.

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Lara said...

Oh Man, sorry you had to deal with that. I HATE when my kids are sick.

And at the very least, you helped me to stop feeling guilty I spaced the flu shots this year. :)