Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tuesday Is The Day

Maija has become particularly attached to Tuesdays this summer because that's the day she has her swim class. The best part of swim class for her is not the class itself. It's getting to go to her cousin's house where we have the swim lessons. Amazingly, she often knows first thing in the morning if it's Tuesday and will tell me excitedly, "Mommy! Today is Tuesday! What do I get to do today? Go to K's house?" Her cousin, K (I'll just use the initial here), is her favorite person in the whole world, which is really sweet, especially since they were born close together. Maija was actually blessed in church right as K was being born.

This Tuesday is another special day for her, and all of us, because we're headed to North Carolina to visit Mummi and Grandpa. Maija keeps asking me, "What day is it today? Is it Tuesday? Can we go on an airplane?" I'm excited for our trip once we get to NC, but not so much for the actual trip there and back. We usually get to fly direct, but this time we've got layovers both ways, and Rebekah is also MUCH more difficult than she used to be. It should be interesting. We'll be bringing plenty of books and toys and blankies and sippy cups and snacks...whatever we gotta do to keep the girls from wigging out on the plane. That's got to be a parent's worst nightmare. There's no escape when you're on a plane. Everyone has to suffer with you regardless. So, avoiding a meltdown is paramount.

I'll post pics of our trip, plus a few video clips I've been meaning to upload.


Omgirl said...

I've heard that there's a natural remedy you can give your kids to make them sleepy on the plane. I wish I'd tried that last time I flew with the kids. Maybe google it. But good luck!

Johnson said...

I am glad your trip went well. Brave girl to fly all that way with them, but I am sure it was worth it.