Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Life as Alicia - Part 2

Although I didn't have to play the roll of Alicia today, I did get a kick out of listening to Rebekah watch Dora. She's only 18 months, but she loves "Dowa" so much she will sit and interact completely with the show. When I hear Dora ask, "Can you help us save the pigmy marmoset?" Rebekah will say, "Yeah!" Or she'll answer "No" if she has seen the episode before and knows the answer is no. It's too funny! The funniest part to me is when she tries to repeat the Spanish phrases, especially since she can hardly speak English! Dora will say, "Can you say 'arriba'? Say 'arriba'!" And here's little Bekah repeating, "Iba".

Also, I have to publicly thank my sister-in-law, Jeannie, who took BOTH of my girls all day today! She was even willing to take them overnight, but I figured having them gone all day would be enough. It was nice to have the day to myself, but when I saw their cute little faces when they came home, I realized I had missed them.


Lara said...

Chloe was obsessed with Dora at that age...and she still rather likes her a lot even at 5 years old. Her favorite episode (we had the DVD) was Super Map, and she would do all the actions and yell, Super Mack!

And regarding Alicia...that is what Bria used to do! Put us all in characters and if we messed up, we were in trouble. She was not Bria, she was (fill in the blank)! Get it right mom!

Maija sounds like she has quite the imagination. So much fun.

Omgirl said...

You gotta love Dora and Diego. Beck says "Abre" and Daphne could count to five in Spanish as soon as she could count in English. she also used to tell us do things in Spanish that she learned on Diego or Dora ("Espera, Mommy!"). I had to ask for translations several times because I don't watch the show enough I guess.

Omgirl said...

She even started yelling at the top of her lungs "Ayuda! Ayuda me!" when she got stuck under her crib one time. I had to laugh so loud that she choose to scream for help in SPanish, not English. Good thing I know that phrase!