Sunday, August 3, 2008

Who's The Boss?

Continuing on the vein of Maija's need to pretty much run our lives, yesterday she was on one! Rebekah had taken a CD which I needed for work. I told her that she needed to give it back, which she really didn't want to do. Finally, I said, "Rebekah, no, no, no. Mommy needs that CD." I tried to take it out of her hands which led to a short tug-of-war. When I got the CD out of her hands, she immediately collapsed on the floor in a pool of tears. It was just about her nap time; I decided it was time to put her down.

As I picked her up, I heard Maija behind me, "Remember, Mommy, no fighting! OK? No fighting, Mommy." I started chuckling a little to myself and replied, "Maija, I wasn't fighting with Rebekah." "Yes, Mommy, I saw you. You were fighting. Now, no fighting, OK? Remember!" This made me laugh more, but I was trying really hard not to let Maija see. Of course, Rebekah who I was still holding did see me laughing and thought she'd join in, so she started laughing and laughing. Then I hear Maija say, "Now give Rebekah a hug and a kiss and say you're sorry!" All I could get out between laughs was "sorry".

Later in the day, Maija began to reprimand me for something else, and I finally told her, "Maija, I am the mommy. You don't tell me what to do." To which she quickly retorted, "But I want to!" Heaven help me!


jennie w. said...

That girl is going to be completely running the Farnsworth household before you even realize what happened!

Grandma F said...

Thanks, Kim this made me laugh out loud it also made my day! The Girls are so cute and I do miss them. KISS THEM FOR ME AND TELL THEM I LOVE THEM VERY MUCH GRANDMA F. ODELL

Johnson said...

I so relate! You just have those days and your kids 'want to be the boss of you' and sometimes it feels like it because you just don't have the energy.

Omgirl said...

Oh man. Hearing you tell those stories about Maija gives me such comfort. Because that's just how Daphne is. The other day I had to spank Beck's hand for dumping his milk onto the floor for the 8000th time, and Daphne said to me, Don't hit, Mommy! Sigh...she has a point. But with a 1 1/2 year old, I'm not sure a lecture would work.