Monday, September 22, 2008

New House, New Job (sort of)

I've avoided blogging in the last few weeks because of the uncertainty in our lives. We were trying to decide whether to stay in Arizona or to move, whether to buy a house now or keep renting, and basically just wanting to figure out what our future looks like. I felt like it wasn't a great idea to blog publicly about all of this until things were decided and somewhat settled. So, now they are!

Kent will be staying at his current job, sort of. There is actually a merger/take-over underway which will change his employer and his position at work. This is a good and exciting change, which led us to commit to staying in Arizona for several years at least. That led us to decide to buy a house, which we are in the process of doing. So, in the end we are staying in the same neighborhood, same ward, same job, except that once Kent graduates in December everything will be different. We'll be in our own home; we won't have to live off student loans anymore; and I can finally feel free to plant roots where we're at.

What's interesting is how during this time some other changes have been in the works which will bring my sister closer to us; she'll be living about 2 minutes away. The other surprise for me was how much I really did want to stay. Anyone who has known me for a while knows that I am a nomad, and I'm not used to staying in one place. I've lived in Arizona for 7 consecutive years now, which is a record for me. The whole time Kent has been in school, I just couldn't imagine that we would stay here in Arizona. Although Arizona is by far my favorite place to live in the U.S., I always just assumed we'd be leaving. But when decision time came, we both knew and had very strong feelings that we needed to stay where we are.

Now we can begin the process of moving houses...again!

Some Alicia Moments...
Lest I forget to continue the series on my life as Alicia (the cartoon character from Diego), I have to include a few cute comments from Maija:

Our dog, Remy, was chewing on one of Maija's toys, and she said, "No, Remy! You are a wicked dog!" Maybe she's watched too many Book of Mormon and Bible cartoons.

After asking for a cracker to eat, Maija ran outside with it and proclaimed, "I love crackers on a windy day!" Then she proceeded to sing it over and over, "I love crackers on a windy day! I love crackers on a windy day!"

Bekah continues to be cute and full of personality. She has no fear whatsoever and keeps me on my toes.

And I continue to play the role of Alicia occasionally, although now that Bekah is talking more, Maija tends to make her play the role of either Dora or Alicia.


jennie w. said...

That Maija is going to be one heck of a drama queen!

I'm glad you're staying in AZ!

Melissa said...

Congrats! That is exciting!

It's me...J.J. :) said...

Yahoo...I am so excited to have you still here :)
Although I wish you would move closer to me! ;)
love your blog and catching up with you.

Omgirl said...

I love the things kids say. so cute!!! I wish Daphne and Maija lived closer together. I can see them getting along well. (maybe we can put them together at Helaman Halls?)

I need to make it down to AZ more often.

Carin said...

Hey Woman!! How are you? I have been cruising around to different peoples blog the last few days while I have been sick, and I have been so excited to find and kind of "reconnect" with people that I know and miss! I think about all my friends from GAteway all the time! How are you doing? You look so great and I can not believe how big your girls are getting! So beautiful! We are here in San Antonio with Ian's work and we are loving it! I just created a blog a few months ago. It is I sure miss you guys, and I am excited to hear about your exciting news with the house!

Ben, Jen and the kids said...

yeah! I love that your staying too. So, it is getting hot in my house, but I am hoping 'the fixers' will be here soon.

The Fears said...

Hey Kim! Isn't is good to know what you doing with life and where you are going to live. its crazy when everything is up in the air. Glad to see you are doing well. I sure do miss you guys.

Tara Reid said...

That is great Kim! You said you found a house- where is it? So glad you guys are staying out here.