Monday, October 6, 2008

Schnepf Farms

Maija's preschool had a field trip to Schnepf Farms last week where the Halloween season is already underway. They have a pumpkin patch, where you can pick one or two up, and carnival rides, a train ride, a petting zoo, and several other fun things for kids to do. We started out fairly early in the morning around 9:30am, but being Arizona it was already nearly 100F by the time we left around noon. It was hot!!!

Here are a few pictures:

Maija waiting for class pictures to be taken

Maija with friend, Tess.

Bekah came, too.

Maija, Tess, and Bekah after picking their pumpkins.


Omgirl said...

I can't believe how old Bekah looks! Beck still looks a bit more like a baby.
Daphne's school goes to Hee Haws this week (same concept). Can't wait! Wish it were still that warm, though. the fall weather is freaking me out!

Davis said...

Schnepfs is so fun, especially for the kids. I bet your girls loved it. Did you guys go home with a pumpkin?

amy said...

we went to schnepfs farm last year, and my kids had so much fun! can you believe how much our lives have changed in just 5-6 short years? we definately need to get together soon!

Ben, Jen and the kids said...

I feel bad because we went the day after you guys did to Schnepf and it was cooler. But I was still warm by the time we left too! The kids don't seem to mind it and Abby rode all the rides and loved her pumpkin that she picked -the littlest one she could find of course! She loves little everything.
Talk to you soon,J

ginger said...

hey woman!! justin told me all about the good news that happened today! i'm a little bummed you won't be in scouts with me anymore, but you'll do awesome!!