Friday, November 7, 2008

Too Much Time On My Hands

Yes, that is the title of an 80s Styx song. If you don't know who that band is, you're either a lot older or a lot younger than I am. I'll forgive you! Not that I was a huge Styx fan or anything. I was, however, a Taylor Dayne fan who I happened to meet on a military base in Korea. She was doing a USO tour, and I had to go and check it out. I went up to her after the show and said, "I am a die-hard 80s fan" to which she replied, "Welcome to the 2000's!" Hmmm...I'm guessing I hit a nerve.

Apparently, I did have too much time on my hands because since my last blog everything has kicked into high gear, and we are swamped. Let's just say that when Kent finishes school, is done with his company's merger, we get the keys to our new house (which should happen any day), clean and paint the new house, move into the new house, get Rebekah over pneumonia, go to my cousin's wedding, and somehow still fulfill our church callings...and maintain some normalcy for our children, I will give a HUGE sigh of relief and get ready for the next storm.

Here are some adorable pictures of the girls from various events, including Halloween, of course!

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Omgirl said...

Hmmmm...for some reason I can only see the first picture. The others say "Image not available." But the first one is cute! sounds like you're busy. Hang in there!