Sunday, September 13, 2009

Seems Like An Eternity

We are STILL waiting for a court date to finalize Forest's adoption. Usually you can finalize within days of the 6 month mark (for us that was 9/4) but the judge is overbooked, and we are in a holding pattern. We were hoping to be sealed to Forest in the Mesa LDS temple on September 25th, but now that's not going to happen. Even if we did get a date in the next week, our lawyer is going to be out of town.

So...we have cancelled our plans for the 25th, and we've decided to not make any plans until we actually finalize the adoption. The lawyer felt badly and said that in normal circumstances we would've finalized by now, but this judge has been doing things "backwards" - instead of setting a court date and then looking over the paperwork, this judge wants to look over all the paperwork, make a decision, and then set a court date. That puts us in the position of being strung along not knowing when a phone call will come saying we can go to Utah right away and finalize. Makes it pretty hard to plan anything.

Can you tell I'm frustrated? I just have to remind myself that in the eternal scheme of things, it won't matter if we wait a few more weeks to be sealed to Forest, even if it FEELS like it's taking an eternity.


Sara Schumacher said...

Ugh I can't imagine how hard that is waiting. I am stoked for your family to be adding a new member for eternity. :)

Tammy said...

It will happen - time is just an earthly obstacle.
I must say that that little man is growing like crazy! I love him to pieces!
I wish I was closer to help with the HFMD. Sorry! I will all be better soon...
...I promise!

Omgirl said...

He really needs to look over the paperwork that closely? What is there to know? We adopted a baby. We love him. Sign the papers!

kimberlina said...

"He really needs to look over the paperwork that closely? What is there to know?" - Omgirl

Yeah, no kidding! We are still waiting, and it's making me nuts! I've been bugging the lawyers, and they keep bugging the judge's clerks, but to no avail so far.