Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adoption Fundraiser

We're having an adoption fundraiser. Earlier this year we adopted our sweet baby boy, Forest. We just found out that his birthmother is expecting again in February, and we are hoping to be able to add Forest's sibling to our family.

In order to help us defray the costs of 2 adoptions within a year, some good friends of ours are putting together a benefit garage sale and bake sale this Saturday, December 19th. You can read more about it on our Facebook fundraiser event page - Here

We've also opened an account at Wells Fargo strictly for donations. You can go to any Wells Fargo and donate to account 9200925973.

Hope to see you there!


L. said...

WOW! How fantastic to have Forest's own brother right in his/your own family! A blessing forever.

Will part of the funds go to getting this girl's tubes tied? She doesn't seem to know effective methods of birth control or self control.

This baby MUST end up in your family. It will mean the world to Forest throughout his life, and to both kids throughout eternity.

How can we donate checks?

Kelsey said...

You mean the 19th right?!

Omgirl said...

Is it too late? I just read your post.