Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What a Human Soul is Worth

Here's a shocking development out of the Optimum Population Trust in England:

"Rushing to the front of the race for the prize of Most Vomit-Inducing Environmental Initiative Ever Devised, the UK’s Optimum Population Trust ... has just launched PopOffsets. This quirkily named campaign is actually deeply sinister: It invites well-off Westerners to offset their carbon emissions by paying for poor people in the Third World to stop procreating.

In short, if you feel bad about your CO2-emitting jaunt to Barbados, or the new Ferrari you just splurged on, then simply give some money to a charity which helps to “convince” Third World women not to have children, and — presto! — the carbon saved by having one less black child in the world will put your guilt-ridden mind at rest."

You can read the full blog post "OPT: Save the Planet by Preventing African Births" by Brendan O’Neill of National Review.


Sara Schumacher said...

That is just disgusting.

Jess said...

What?!? I don't even know what to say.