Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holiday Hangover

Talking to my sister-in-law Kimberly today, we were both sharing how tired our families are after the weekend, and she said, "It's a holiday hangover." I think that's a pretty good description of how our whole family is feeling. The kids were exhausted and grouchy today. I was exhausted and grouchy today, and Kent came home exhausted and grouchy today. The holidays were a lot of fun, but it sure can wear you out.

It's also like a form of jet lag. Our sleep schedules are so messed up (see the time of this post) so we're trying to force ourselves onto a new schedule. Not fun. It reminds me of growing up when we would travel halfway around the world, and my dad had this 9pm rule: nobody can go to sleep until 9pm at night no matter how tired you are. When you've travelled to a time zone that is basically the opposite time of day from where you were, it's like torture starting around 3pm in the afternoon. You can hardly keep your eyes open, and all your body wants to do is sleep. My father would NOT let us sleep no matter how tired we were. He was convinced that the sooner you get yourself on local time, sleeping at local nighttime hours, the sooner you'd get over jet lag. Ugh!

Hopefully, in a few days we'll be back on a "normal" schedule. Also, a little newsflash - we heard that Forest's birthmother is due February 26th. We knew it was some time at the end of February, but it's so nice to have an actual due date. We're still waiting to see what she decides to do. The agency hasn't heard from her in several weeks. Crossing our fingers and praying...

Here are a few pictures of the kids and family:

My Sweet Babies

Our Little Family

With Kent's Dad


*Katie May* said...

I hope you hear back soon from the agency!

Omgirl said...

I'm glad you finally heard from the birth mother. I hope you end up getting Forest's sibling!

Ben, Jen and the kids said...

Holiday Hangover -- is coined so perfectly! So, true. This whole week. I've bee over sleeping and just wanting to hang on the couch! Except for today. But back on the couch tomorrow.Just kidding.:)


L. said...

Boy, that Forest is growing up FAST! I wonder how big he will end up being? Have you seen BlindSide? If not, run, do not walk to see the most uplifting show of the year! Maybe of the decade! (And I usually HATE sports!) I could see Forest growing up like the hero if he keeps on being as 99th percentile as he is now.