Sunday, January 31, 2010

Preparing for Baby - Adoption Auction

Just in case you didn't get one of my mass mailings, we are in the middle of our online adoption auction ( which runs until 11:59pm on Monday night, Feb. 1st. So far many bids have been placed and several donations as well. To say that we are grateful is an understatement. We can never fully express how grateful we are for so much generosity and kindness.

One of our primary concerns about adopting again so soon was money. It's not cheap to adopt, especially twice in a year. We may not be struggling financially in the same way that many of our friends and family are, but we're no Daddy Warbucks either (if you don't get that reference, google "Little Orphan Annie".) When we decided to move forward with another adoption, it really was a leap of faith. We've been amazed to see miracles happen and doors open to help us get together the necessary funds, again. The same thing happened when we adopted Forest last year. Amazing.

Of course, there are many other preparations to make for a new baby beyond just money. We've been getting our house ready and organizing ourselves a little better. We learned from Forest's adoption that when things start happening it can all go really fast. So, we want the guest room to be ready for my aunt who has offered to come help with the kids when it all "goes down". We want a few packed bags, so jumping on a plane at a moment's notice isn't as hard to do. We want the baby things (that I just barely finished using for Forest) to be clean and ready for the next little baby. There's plenty to do and think about... especially to think about. We're still waiting to see if Forest's birthmother chooses to place this baby or not with us. We're still holding our breath and waiting to see what the Lord's plan is for our family.

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jennie w. said...

I'm so excited for you! Now you'll be the one with four kids in five years! Know I will be full of empathy for you.

Keeping you in our prayers!