Monday, February 22, 2010

Faith Like Potatoes

When I told my sister-in-law, Kimberly, what a miracle it was that we now had the money cash to pay for Forest's sibling's adoption when just 2 months ago we had nothing, she said, "Faith like potatoes." I had no idea what she meant until she explained that it was a movie that I should see.

Kent and I watched that movie last week, and I'm really starting to feel like we need faith like potatoes right now. At the end of the movie, the main character who is a farmer decides to plant potatoes during a drought. Everyone around him tells his he's crazy; the potatoes will never grow without lots of water. He plants those potatoes and right before harvest, as he and his friend are walking the fields, his friend asks him, "How can you know there are potatoes growing under the ground when you can't see them?" The main character answers that you can't; you have to have faith that they're in there growing. When harvest comes, they break up the earth and find that the potatoes did grow, and they have a very successful harvest.

Right now, we are still waiting to hear about our baby. We have no idea what the birthmother will decide, and all evidence is that she may not place the baby since she hasn't responded to the agency's phone calls in weeks. But Kent and I still feel like she may show up at the last minute and place her baby with us so Forest and his sibling can be together. It really is a matter of having faith like potatoes. There's what your head is telling you, and then there's what your heart is telling you. I tend to listen to my heart.


L. said...

That sounds like a movie I MUST see! I'm so glad you have the money now, but I'm still up for $ emergencies and baby sitting.

Where did you find the movie?

I'll pray with you that you are given Forest's sibling.

Sara Schumacher said...

What great news that you have all the funds for the adoption! Whether you get Forest's biological sibling or not won't even matter. An eternal family is so much more. ;-)

I am interested in how you scrapped up so much cash? Any tips? If we could we would adopt in a nano second!!!!!


Jess said...

Wow Kim, I love this. You do have faith like potatoes. You are such a strong example of that because you do hard things...often.

crista said...

Congrats that is awesome!! I am a stranger but we are also in the process of adopting and was wondering as well how did you come up with the money...we are having issues in that part...any suggestions?

To bad that adoption is soo expensive since I am sure so many people would want to do it! :)

Good luck on getting the new little baby..keep praying Im sure all will work out.