Monday, March 1, 2010

Potatoes continued

The test of our faith continues. Forest's sibling was due last Friday, and his birthmother never contacted the agency. So, at this point we have to assume that she has chosen not to place her baby. Instead of going into histrionics, I'll just say that last week was a really hard week.

Kent and I had decided that if we didn't hear anything by March, that we would begin the process of finding another baby. Obviously, this was not how we were hoping things would turn out, but on the other hand I have learned from experience that what we think is "Plan A" is often not what is meant to be. But when Plan A does show up, it's always better than what we had planned in the first place. (Case in point: my meeting and marrying Kent which happened about 12 years later than I would've liked.) We know the Lord has a plan, and we are ready to see what that is.

Faith like potatoes...

In the meantime, I have to post some adorable pictures of my children.

Forest Baby

Bekah in Her New Spiderman Slippers

Maija's First Dance Recital


jeaner29 said...

Love you! It's all happening for a good reason. Whether you will ever know the reason, who knows? It's ok. You are amazing, and when you follow what you know is right, you will continue to do good and teach good. Hang in there.

Ben, Jen and the kids said...


Omgirl said...

Dang, Kim. That sucks. But I seriously appreciate your comments about Plan A and Plan B. I am living the Plan B right now too, wondering what the Lord has planned for my family as well since things didn't go according to my plan at all. I really hope that either Forest's mom will come through any day or else a different baby who was meant to be with you will arrive soon. I'll keep you in my prayers.