Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Removing an Object from Your Nose - $50

Sticking a bead up your nose - $0
Removing it at urgent care - $50
Blogging about it 2 days later - Priceless

As if we hadn't had enough doctor's visits lately, Saturday night as I was reveling in our health, Rebekah decided to put a bead up her nose. Who knows why children feel the compulsion to put objects up their noses? But for some reason that bead just looked like it belonged up her nose (or something) so up it went, and the more she tried to get it out, the further up it went.

Kent was actually in the family room with the kids when this happened (not that I'm blaming him, although it is interesting that it didn't happen when Mom was on duty) and he came running in our bedroom with Rebekah, turning lights on, and telling me to get this object out of her nose. At this point we didn't know what it was she had put up there. The more I tried to get it, you guessed it, the more it got stuck. It ended up sideways behind the septum completely irretrievable. Which of course led to the urgent care visit where they inflated a balloon behind her septum and popped out a little black bead.

Who was it that was telling me that one day I'll look back and wish I could relive all this?


Jen Johnson said...

so funny, so cute, so not fun to go back to the doctor! There is a movie back in the 90's -- One Fine Day and they have a scene where the little boy put a marble up his nose and there they were at the doctors. hee.. hee... so it must happen.. Maybe little ones have a fascination with their noses. Who knows!:) I am glad it worked out though.

jeaner29 said...

Ok seriously? I heard about this from Linda and seeing the ultrasounds reminded me that she did this. Didn't she hear the story about Daddy Dear doing the EXACT same thing with an eraser head? Or was that something else? I'm just glad that she didn't wait a few days when she forgot about it and was only reminded about it because it started to smell and rot up there!!!