Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Forest Is One!

I'm a day late posting this, but yesterday was a busy day. Forest turned 1 year old and had 2 birthday celebrations. We went to the park and had a joint b-day party with cousin, Brayden, whose birthday is 2 days after Forest's. It was the perfect party for a tired mom - kids played while adults chatted. Forest ate plenty of frosting off his cupcake.

Later that evening when Daddy came home, we had another birthday party at home with just our family. Forest ate more frosting. I didn't think much of all the frosting eating until Kent and I were up all night with a throwing up 1 year old. Poor baby.

I can't believe it was one year ago yesterday that we got a phone call at around 11am saying that Forest had been born, and his birthmother had chosen us to be his parents. We flew up to Utah that evening to be with our new baby boy, and I got to hold him 11 hours after he was born. It's hard to imagine that that sweet little baby is now a sweet little toddler. I love my baby boy!


jeaner29 said...

Sorry for the late night on top of the fatigue and emotional roller coaster! Yes, we were all very exhausted from the park that day! I love these pics! Forest is such a cutey!

jennie w. said...

He won't be a baby for much longer! What a doll!

Sara Schumacher said...

Adorable! He is so beautiful. Coy reminded me on Tuesday that is was Forest's birthday. ;-)