Thursday, March 25, 2010

Science Fiction

For some reason since we cancelled our cable TV last summer I have become obsessed with Science Fiction. I think it's because that was the one thing I missed the most was my Star Trek fix. I also missed watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I've already been mocked for my love of these shows, but oddly enough being without them has led me to a new SciFi love, Stargate.

Although we dropped cable, we kept our TiVo (seriously, that would be one of the last things to go) so I was able to search all the antenna channels for anything Science Fiction. I did find original Star Trek episodes that I could TiVo on Sundays and watch during the week, but they were taken off the air within a month. So I searched and found Stargate Atlantis which also showed on Sundays. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it, but I quickly became addicted. I mean, those Wraith are weird and creepy but in an addictive way.

Then I discovered that Stargate SG1 was also on on Sundays. I was beginning to notice a pattern here. In addition to missing my SciFi, I also missed watching news coverage that wasn't madly in love with the government (ok, the current government) but found that Chris Wallace's Fox News Sunday was on on....Sundays. And then I found The McLaughlin Group which also aired guessed it...Sundays. As well as Globe Trekker and 60 Minutes. Weird.

So basically my whole entertainment life revolves around how much I can TiVo on Sundays and then try to stretch my viewing out through the week. Of course, I never did really get over Star Trek, so I had to keep our Netflix account so I could keep those coming via DVD.

Are we saving money? That's debatable.

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Audrey said...

You're so funny! Isn't that how it is though? There's just a few shows I like too and most of them tend to fall on Thursdays. It's like I don't care if the TV is on the rest of the week, but if I miss Thursday--which seems to be happening a lot lately, I'm bummed. Unfortunately, we are the last family in America without a Tivo, so count your blessings