Friday, March 12, 2010


Life is full of silver linings. We found out last week that Forest has RSV. He's a big, strong boy and the doctor said he was doing better than most of the RSV cases she had seen so far this year. That was all good news. But poor Forest had more junk coming out of his nose and mouth than I think I had ever seen. Poor boy struggled sometimes just to clear his throat. Now, more than week later, he is doing much better, but still getting over the cough and goopy nose.

Here's the silver lining; I can't even imagine how stressed I would've been if we had a newborn in the house while Forest had RSV. RSV (read about it here) can be really scary in young babies. As it is now, Forest will be over the whole thing before a sweet little baby comes to our home. In the end, the timing has been perfect. A couple of weeks ago I wasn't feeling that way at all. But now I see that things really have worked out for the best. And once that new baby is in our arms and in our family, I know that everything that has happened in the last several months will make sense and will seem perfect.

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Sara Schumacher said...

Leave it to you to see the silver lining. :)