Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mormon Culture Rant

Time for a little Mormon culture moment. I was reading an article in LDS Living Magazine online about the "hanging out" that seems to be going on with young LDS singles. Instead of looking for marriage prospects by going on one-on-one dates, both single men and women are hanging out in groups. I could write quite a long post about the entire Mormon singles culture since I spent 14 years in that world myself. It is a quirky odd existence and yet fun and entertaining as well... to a point. I definitely saw a lot of the "hanging out" going on, but I also felt like I had my share of dates and serious relationships over the years. Of course, things have changed a lot in the last 8 years since I got married.

Back in the stone age (the early 90's) when I went to BYU for my undergrad there was one aspect of Mormon singlehood that seems to be universal - the non-committal predator looking for a one-night-stand. Now in LDS circles premarital sex is a definite no-no, so a Mormon one-night-stand is really more like a one-night-make-out session. At BYU we called it a NCMO (pronounced "nic-mo"). It was a non-committal-make-out, a NCMO. So I had to laugh when I read in this LDS Living article about a kind of hanging out they call "non-committal-hanging-out". So is that a "nic-ho" (NCHO)? As in "she's such a NCHO."

To quote Carrie Fisher's character in When Harry Met Sally - "Tell me I'll never have to be out there again."


Jen Johnson said...

so true.

Lacey said...

So funny1 Totally remember NCMO's-not that I ever participated in that nonsense! I had a missionary (Chris) after all!

Kaltaler Korner said...

This is too funny!! I love the Rant.

Tammy said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha! We were just talking to my boys about this. My oldest will be 16 in January and that boy will be dating. He will ask out MANY girls of all different types and when that sweet boy gets home from his mission - serious dating will begin.
I vow to change the epidemic one son at a time!