Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting Settled

Whew! Well, we made it through the month long hotel stay. We made it through the move into our new house. Finally, I'm getting a chance to decompress. Of course, there are still plenty of pictures to hang and boxes to open, but we've at least got the furniture in and clothes put away. It's amazing how much is involved with moving especially out of state. It makes me not want to move again for a long, long time.

Our new neighborhood is really nice. Not only is it a nice looking neighborhood, but the people are very nice. We've already met a bunch of our neighbors and have been invited to people's homes for dinner. The kids are making friends with kids at church and also on our street. It helps that the weather here is beautiful right now so everyone is spending lots of time outside including us. Our house has a great front porch, and it's so nice to sit out there and let the kids ride bikes. It really is beautiful here.

Although the climate and people here are great, I have been missing my life in Arizona so much. Truthfully, it's been pretty lonely in the house every day with the kids and not having the friends to call or meet up with. And it's also hard to be away from family when we've been spoiled for so long being close to them. I've done my share of moping but I keep reminding myself of all of the good things about this move. I love our new house. I love the weather. I love the rolling hills and grass. I love that Kent's commute to work is half of what is used to be. There are a lot of things to be happy about.

The kids seem to have grown up so much during this time. Forest has become a real talker. Kiira is crawling like crazy and will turn one in a month! Bekah's temper tantrums have become few and far between (happy day!) And Maija is growing up to be a sweet girl. She's an amazing person. Kent is loving his new job which is much less stressful than his previous job and he's really liking Colorado. We are excited to have a bunch of family come visit us soon. My parents and sister and her husband are all planning a visit in early July, and a few of Kent's family have been talking about coming up too. Can't wait!


Jen Johnson said...

How exciting! :) I would love a front porch. so nice.. Trying to stay busy ourselves. We are doing the summer movie passes at Harkinds every monday and then splash pad. Playdates, swim lessons, ect. We are now hearing the pitter patter of the air conditioner... such is the life in the valley during the summer! :)

Tammy said...

I am just getting back in town and catching up with the Farnies :)

I know how tough it is to transition across the country. Long-distance moves are killer, especially when you have little ones.

You will find your way - I promise!

My best advice: Unlimited Long-Distance Calling. It's a great investment to help you through the transition. It was my one stipulation when we moved. I told Greg that I needed to call home whenever I wanted without worrying about the bill. The Unlimited plan has been an ongoing lifesaver for us :)