Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Pirate Christmas

Well, I'm not sure if the pirates have stolen Christmas or they're just in Christmas denial. My children were watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney and the episode was all about Winter Treasure Day. Now in case you're unfamiliar with Winter Treasure Day as I was, let me share with you what I discovered. Winter Treasure Day is celebrated some time in winter when there is plenty of snow. Presents are given to friends and loved ones while they enjoy a decorated Winter Treasure Day tree. Hmmm..what a novel idea.

So, I asked my two daughters what Winter Treasure Day is, and they both said (with an added tone of "Duh! Mom!"), "It's Christmas!" I wondered what other pirate holiday knowledge these girls had. "Why don't they just call it Christmas then?" The profound answer they gave (again with the "Duh! Mom!" tone), "Because they're pirates!" Oh, right. I forgot that pirates can't celebrate Christmas even in a cartoon. It's just not PC enough for those scurvy pirates.


jennie w. said...

I guess our Lord and Savior doesn't fit very well into a life of raping and pillaging. Although they probably don't do that on the cartoon.

L. said...

Yes, one wonders what the purpose in life is for cartoon pirates? They just go around finding buried gold? Treasure Hunters -- hey, Yeah! And sword-fighting, of course, but never with sharpened blades. It's just a sort of Pirate Olympics so everyone will stay in shape.