Friday, December 16, 2011

You Too!

Have you ever been at the concessions at the movie theater, and when the attendant tells you, "Enjoy the movie," you say, "You too!"? I've also done this at the airport. "Enjoy your flight." "You too." Then you realize two minutes later as you're already walking away that that didn't make any sense. It's that automatic response to "Take care", "Have a nice day", etc.

Today when my little two-year-old Forest was headed downstairs to play with his sisters, I told him, "Have a good time." And he yelled back, "You have a good time, too, Mama!". Adorable! And the best part is that he sincerely meant it. It wasn't an automatic "you too" but a sincere little child's thoughtfulness. I love that boy! I'm pretty sure I have the best kids on the planet.

Speaking of my amazing children, I can't believe how fast they're growing. Maija turns 7 in a month. Rebekah turns 5 in three weeks, and Forest turns 3 in three months. Kiira will be 18 months old on January 2nd and will start attending nursery at church. I'm a little nervous to take her to her well-child check-up because she isn't walking independently yet. I'm trying not to worry about it too much, but we'll see. She has taken a few steps on her own and cruises all over the place as long as she's holding on to something. Anyone ever had a late walker? Like 18 months old or older late?


jennie w. said...

Jasper started crawling when he was five months old and I thought he'd be a super early walker too. But, no, he didn't walk for over a year. He was almost 18 months. He was normal in every other way so I didn't really care all that much. Plus, only naive parents want their children to start walking. I always hated it because walking kids are the ones who get into all that trouble! Keep them down as long as possible!

jennie w. said...

Actually, it was Finn, not Jasper. Duh.

L. said...

My little brother Phillip, youngest of 10 siblings didn't walk on his own till age 3 because everyone always carried him everywhere cause they enjoyed him so much. Bad idea!

Miriam said...

One of my sister's little guys didn't walk til 21 months, and he cruises all over creation as as healthy four year old now, so no worries. My two year old only says like three words. (But she understands everything.) We are all at our own pace here :) haha