Saturday, December 29, 2007

We Made It!

After all of the preparation and anticipation, we made it through another Christmas. Both Maija and Rebekah seemed to enjoy all of the Christmas festivities, and Maija, especially, was so excited to wake up Christmas morning to see if Santa had come. I went into her room as soon as she woke up to detain her while Kent and my family made sure things were ready to go. Maija was chanting over and over again, "The sun is awake, Mommy! The sun is awake! I want to see Santa."

Rebekah was pretty oblivious to why everything was so fun, but she enjoyed it nonetheless. She ripped wrapping paper and played with all of the new toys, and was ecstatic to be getting so much attention. She handled Christmas Eve pretty well too with her cousins; there were 7 children under the age of 5 and then poor Lexi (12), who was the only older cousin for most of the night until Chelsea (15) showed up. We tried to get the little ones to do a nativity skit which turned into a lot of climbing, crawling away, and removing of various costume pieces (or all of the costume in Rebekah's case.) It was a fun evening!

The aftermath of Christmas is still lingering throughout the house, pieces of wrapping paper, a dying Christmas tree, and unwrapped Christmas presents. Even though it's a reminder that I need to get back to the everyday work of keeping our house livable, it also reminds me of my sweet girls on Christmas morning. Sometimes I wish I could freeze them in time and never let them grow up...sometimes.

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Lacey said...

I'm glad to hear you guys had a great Christmas....we have started the process of taking down decorations and now the dreaded packing is upon us! My house will be chaotic for the next month and I'm definitely not look forward to that! Hope you guys have a happy new year too!