Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Countdown to Christmas

I love this time of year! I love the Christmas lights, carols, and the general spirit of the season. Even being in a desert with no prospect of a white Christmas, you can feel that it's a different time of year, a special time. We have had a lot of fun this year getting ready for Christmas because the girls, especially Maija, actually care and understand what is going on.

We got pictures with Santa; we've been watching all the classic Christmas movies and videos (Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer, anyone?); and we have had a great time decorating our tree and looking at everyone else's decorations. Maija is VERY excited to have Santa come and bring lots of presents, anything Dora or Superwhy!

Check out some of our pre-Christmas photos in the slideshow!

Oh, yeah, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Kimberlina and family

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Melissa said...

I hope you have a great Christmas!