Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Garden

OK, it should really be called "Kent's Garden" because he got the garden going and has been taking care of it. It's sort of become an evening tradition when he gets home for the girls and him to go out and "check" the garden. Maija planted some flowers that she is so proud of now that they are growing, and they love helping Daddy look for new vegetables that are appearing.

Although Arizona is burning hot in the summer, if you plant things in the right spot, you can actually grow certain things nearly year round. We have cucumbers, corn and peppers growing. Last year we had tons of squash, but for some reason they aren't doing as well this year. Of course, we've also moved houses and had to start the garden from scratch. Anyway, it's a great way to save $$$ on vegies, and it's fun to see how things grow from little seeds to food.

Kent asked me to post a few pics of the garden. I'm also posting some adorable pictures of Forest and the girls.

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