Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swim Lessons

The girls have been doing swim lessons every day for 2 weeks. I'm too tired to describe exactly how exhausting it is to take my 3 little ones there every day for 90 minutes, especially since I've been sick the whole time, so maybe it's best to sum up:

1. Rebekah screaming, kicking, and throwing a tantrum for all 30 minutes of her swim lesson EVERY day!
2. 105 degrees fahrenheit!!! Even in the shade it's blazing hot!
3. 3:30pm to 5pm - which has to be the worst time of day as far as my kids' behavior goes - and mine :-)
4. Waking a sleeping baby every afternoon to make him go sit in the heat with me
5. Maija swimming on her own for the first time after only 1 week of classes
6. Rebekah swimming on her own between the screams and yells, "No! No! Mommy! Mommy!"
7. In other words, despite my being sick and 1-5 above, it was well worth it! My girls can actually swim on their own!

Their teacher, Ami, has amazing patience and really knows how to get these little ones to swim. I was so sad to miss the last day, but I was grateful to one of the other mommies (thanks, Sharlet!) for taking my girls while I was sick.

All in all, mission accomplished! Now on to our next challenge of the summer...trying not to go stir crazy in July!

P.S. Forest will be 4 months old next week, if you can believe it! We get to finalize the adoption in 2 months, and I'm counting down. At the end of September, we'll be able to be sealed to him in the Mesa Arizona LDS Temple. It can't come too soon.


L. said...

Lets see, now. Why did we choose to live in Arizona? Why was it we wanted 3 kids so very badly? Why did we volunteer to come to mortality just to get sick, blistering hot, and frazzled by our precious loved ones? On days like today it probably beats you.

Hugs and prayers from afar!

Omgirl said...

Why did Rebekah hate it so badly??? I'm worried. I have my kids signed up for swimming in 3 weeks. I know Daphne will love it. She went last year and loved it. But now I'm worried that Beck will be like Rebekah!

kimberlina said...

Rebekah, Rebekah...the reason she screamed through each and every lesson for 2 weeks is because she is one of the most stubborn people on the planet. Her teacher said to me, "See! She's swimming. She's not scared." And I told her that it's not that Bekah's scared; she just doesn't want to be told what to do EVER!

Their swim teacher, who again I have to say was amazing, would not budge or give the kids any way out of doing the various tasks..float on your back, etc. Rebekah knew that she had no choice, and she hated it. I almost think it was a battle of the wills, and the teacher won!

I'm sure Beck will be much better.