Friday, June 19, 2009

Thanks for the Tip

This morning was another chaotic beginning to a busy day. I was on carpool duty (or so I thought - see "End of Story" below) to preschool summer camp which means that all 3 of my children and myself needed to be fed, cleaned up, dressed, strapped in and ready to go in time to pick up our carpool friend, Abby, and get both she and Maija to their preschools (2 different ones that are close to each other) on time. I know, all you mothers out there are thinking, "Yeah, been there, done that."

I was rushing around getting breakfast ready, snacks for preschool ready, and everything else in order when Forest woke up screaming 15 minutes before I wanted him to. I'm going as fast as I can getting breakfast done so I can focus on making a bottle and getting Forest fed and ready when Rebekah yells to me, "Mama! Mama!" I thought something had happened because she sounded so urgent. "Mama! Forest crying! He hungry! You have to feed him!" She comes running into the kitchen and again makes sure that I know that Forest is hungry, "Mama! You feed him!"

All I could think was, "I'm going as fast as I can!" so I sarcastically say to her, "I know, honey. Thanks for the tip!" My sweet little 2 year old who is without guile looked up at me and said, "Thanks for the tip? OK, Mama. You welcome." I was so grateful that the sarcasm of my comment had completely escaped her, and I was reminded that sometimes those frustrating things they do or say really have the best intentions. She was genuinely worried about Forest and trying to inform me of what he needed. Oh to be a child again! I wouldn't mind being oblivious to sarcasm now and then.

"End of Story"
After all of this and loading everyone in the car, I pulled out of my garage and almost ran into my friend and neighbor, Jen, who had come to pick Maija up for preschool. I had forgotten that we agreed Jen would take the girls this morning. Oh well... at least we were all ready to start the day.


L. said...

Oh, Man! Am I ever glad I'm too old and single (and infertile) to have any more little kids. Grandkids and 2 week "vacations" are taxing enough. Sounds like you live IN the wringer! (But you volunteered, as I recall.)

Love and good luck! (and patience)

Omgirl said...

The ending was the best part of all. All that rushing and you didn't even have to drive! Ahhh, I know that story well. That's life, in a nutshell, huh?

Ben, Jen and the kids said...

I felt so bad about that, by the way!:) It does take a lot of effort to get out the door with three kids and especially in the morning--when you have to be somewhere at a certain time! Kids are the best! Teaching you lessons in life all the time.