Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finally Finalized!

We flew to Utah this week to finalize Forest's adoption. What a feeling of relief and joy to know that he is legally ours. It's one thing to feel like a child is yours, but it's another to know that all the loose ends have been tied up, and your baby is yours completely in the eyes of the law.

Here's a picture of us with the judge, Tyrone Medley, who used to play basketball with University of Utah, by the way.

We also had a little shindig to celebrate and see family and friends. It ended up being more of a New York reunion for me, since a bunch of friends of mine from 20 years ago showed up. We've all gotten older, but everybody seemed exactly the same.

Aunt Sue with Forest. She's a surrogate grandma now that both of Forest's grandmothers are on missions:

Forest sleeps through the party


On the airplane home


L. said...

It was fabulous seeing you and your family, not to mention Chuck E. Cheese! (I didn't actually see the big rat, but Daphne has NOT stopped talking about him.)

Congrats on Forest being yours except for the sealing. That will be GRRRRRRREAT!

jennie w. said...

That's wonderful about Forrest. I can hardly wait to meet him. I wish I'd been there to see all the New York people!

Lara said...

Congratulations! I am sure you are very relieved!

Sara Schumacher said...

Oh what a relief! Congrats! When is your sealing?

Tammy said...

Woo Hoo! FINALLY the law states what we have known forever - you are a family! Congratulations! Can't wait for the big day! Keep me posted!