Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Swine Flu

Well, it happened. We all got the swine flu, except for Forest of course who seems to avoid all illnesses (knock on wood!) Rebekah has it the worst. As always with her asthma she seems to have breathing issues and lung problems. We had to take her to urgent care tonight because her breathing was getting so bad, and sure enough she's got an infection starting in her lungs, and on top of that she has an ear infection. Poor girl! I'm just grateful for modern medicine and knowing exactly what's going on with her and that there is medicine to treat it.

I ended up canceling my trip to NY this weekend. I couldn't leave a sick child at home while I go off to play. So that's the second 20 year high school reunion I'm missing... last year I missed my Hong Kong international School reunion (they combined it with the class of '88) and this year was Burnt Hills High School in Upstate NY. No, I didn't graduate from both schools in case you're confused. I graduated from high school in Hong Kong, but I had just moved there the beginning of my senior year from New York. Moving around as much as I did growing up, I get to claim many places as home.

With all of this going on, I'm still floating in the clouds that we've gotten a court date for Forest's finalization. We'll have just enough time to get everyone better before we leave for Utah. Despite the bumps in the road, life really is a blessing. I'm grateful to have 3 beautiful children to worry about and a supportive husband who helps me not worry too much. When I married Kent, my good friend Courtney told him, "You have no idea how many dead horses you're going to be beating." Ain't that the truth! Anyone who knows me, knows that it is.


Lara said...

Bummer about the swine flu. I hope everyone is on the mend and feeling better quickly!

Maybe Forest has a super immune system...every parent's dream!

Good luck with the court date! I'm very happy that it's finally working out for you. I would be worrying about it all the time, too!

jennie w. said...

I can't believe you missed the reunion! That would have been verrrry interesting!