Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Waiting... and new couch

Today our birthmom, K, is 35 weeks along in her pregnancy. I am SO grateful that she's endured all her difficulties and discomforts and gotten to this point. Joseph will most likely be healthy and strong now that he's gotten this far and hopefully even further along. We missed our weekly phone call with K because she had to take her mother to the ER. We've been hearing updates through our caseworker, but I can only imagine the stress she must be under right now.

On our end, we're also experiencing stress not knowing when or how things will happen and worrying about K. I am so ready to start life with our new baby and to have our family be complete. We've been living in limbo for 6 months now, and it is only getting harder. Every time there is something that needs to be scheduled, there's this nagging voice in your head, "Why schedule anything? You might not even be here." Although I am glad that we have scheduled things and tried to live normal life because we never thought we'd get to mid-May and still be waiting.

One of the things we decided not to put off was buying a new sectional sofa. Our yellow couches were beautiful once upon a time, but after being in an apartment of singles with cats and dogs and then enduring the abuse of children after I got married, they are threadbare. My parents were kind enough to offer to help us get new couches as long as they could count it for my birthday, both our Christmas presents, and Kent's birthday next year. :-) We were happy to forego future gifts to get a beautiful sectional.

Here are pics:


Jen Johnson said...

It looks very nice! Jealous, a little. Getting something new is fun!:)

Tammy said...

They are perfect in your space - and SOOO comfy looking! I can see you now, baby in arms cuddled on this beauty!
I am thrilled to hear about finally hitting the 35 week mark. Exciting! I can't wait to snuggle that new little one!

jeaner29 said...

Can't wait to sit on the sectional! Love the recent conversations with the girls (L does the same things as Bekah!), and just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you! You're the best, Kim, you are!