Thursday, July 7, 2011


Tomorrow (actually today since I tend to blog in the middle of the night) my parents arrive for a visit. I'm excited for them to see our new life in Denver. We've been here for almost 3 months now, and I can't wait to share the things I love about Colorado. I'm also glad that I'll get a chance to see them because they are on their way to Utah to prepare for a mission to Finland.

My mother is from Finland and this will be her first time living there again after 47 years. She has visited several times, but now she's returning to her homeland, to Suomi (Finland), to live and I am so happy to see her come full circle. My mother grew up in a small Finnish town the youngest of two children in very humble circumstances. She told stories of living in a two room apartment which consisted of a kitchen and a second room divided by curtains into quasi-bedrooms. There was no indoor plumbing so she had to use an outhouse to answer nature's calls even in the dead of a Finnish winter. You know those stories that parents and grandparents tell of walking uphill both ways in horrible weather? Well, in my mother's case her stories aren't exaggerations used to humble her children. It's just how things were. As a teenager my mother converted to the Mormon church which later prompted her to move to the United States to attend BYU in Utah.

Fast forward 47 years and my mother's life couldn't be more different in mostly positive ways. That's not to say she wouldn't have had just as wonderful of a life in Finland as she does now, but this was her path and now that path is leading her back to her homeland. This will be my parents' third mission but I think this mission will be the most meaningful to my mother. I'm so proud of her for the woman she is, my Finnish mama. She has taught me how to face life's challenges and how to be an unconditionally loving mother to my own children.

Rakastan sinua Mom.


L. said...

What a great story of your mother! (which reminds me of the story of my own Austrian mother.) It's hard to remember your mom is MY generation, cause you seem like my contemporary. But how wonderful that she can go back to her roots in such a great capacity! I suppose she can still speak some Finnish? How does your dad feel about this mission? Where is HE from?

Maijasmummi said...

Ja minä rakastan sinua, rakas tyttäreni!

Thank you for your sweet words and recognition. You are the best!

kimberlina said...


Thank you for your great comments. You are my most consistent commenter and you have great things to add. Although I may not respond very often, I always read all of the comments.

About my father, he is from Washington state. I think he's excited about the mission to Finland because he likes to serve, and what a great opportunity for him to better understand where my mom is from.

Love you,