Friday, August 28, 2009

Aa Aa Allin Lasta

As you may or may not know, my mother is from Finland and was raised there before she joined the LDS church and moved to the United States, where she met my father. When our first daughter was born, we gave her a Finnish name, Maija Liisa. Of course, my mother took it upon herself to share some Finnish with Maija. One of the first songs my mother sang to her is the Finnish lullaby, "Aa Aa Allin Lasta." Maija knows all the words to the 1st verse to this day.

I was having fun searching for the lyrics on the internet and found this YouTube recording of the song sung by Irma Tapio in 1977.

For anyone curious what the song is about - it's about a little orphaned bird who has no one to take care of him. The song asks, "Who will take care of you?" and then answers "The wind will sing you lullabies; the sea will carry you in its lap; and God in Heaven will watch over you." A sad and sweet song and oh so Finnish.

P.S. Still no court date for Forest's finalization and still no answer about school.


Ben, Jen and the kids said...

It is very soothing in sound that lullaby! How funfor Maija to have a finish name and her grandmother to share the culture with her. I hope you hear soon about the Forest's court date. We went to do sealing last night. It was so nice!


L. said...

What a sweet song in what a minor key. Must be Finnish. (They don't have heaps of fun over there, do they?)

The word I had to insert to enter my comment was ulighf. That sounds Finnish, too. Make up a meaning for me.

b davis said...

Oh, I love it! Thank you for sharing it.

I cannot believe it! Forest is getting so big. He is adorable!