Monday, August 17, 2009

Waiting for a Court Date

I hate waiting... we were hoping to find out last week the court date for the finalization of Forest's adoption. I called the lawyer's office again today and the receptionist said that she has been calling the court almost every day, but the judge has been in trial. She said that as soon as she finds out the date, she'll call me right away. Of course, we're anxious because we want to make our travel plans and also be sure that the sealing date we've scheduled will work.

I'm also waiting to hear if I've gotten into school which I should find out this week. Oh the anticipation!

Here are recent pictures of Forest and the girls:


Jess said...

Your kids are darling! I'm sorry that you have to wait for all of that. Waiting is no fun. But it will be worth the wait:)

L. said...

Forest gives new meaning to "button nose." I can hardly wait to see him! Where will the sealing take place?

kimberlina said...

We're planning on 9/26 for the sealing here in AZ. While we are in Utah though we want to have an open house celebrating the finalization, and so everyone can meet him. I'll let you know when and where.

Tammy said...

Kim! He is soo big already! And that smile - to die for! So many exciting things happening in your family - I love keeping up with everything via 'the blog'!
Thanks for posting! I feel like I am there and totally in the loop :)
Love you guys!

b davis said...

I love these pictures! What cuties you have!