Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer's Over

Maija started up preschool again this week, and the weather is surprisingly cool for this time of year (100F instead of 115F). It feels like summer is over. We didn't take any major trips like we have in the past, but after all of the major events in the past year, maybe we needed to just stay put.

With the new activities (preschool & piano for Maija, tumbling for Bekah) the girls seem happier, and even I am starting (or restarting) a new chapter. I've decided to go back to school. I'm waiting to hear if I'll be accepted, so I'll post what happens as soon as I know.

The biggest event on the horizon for us is the finalization of Forest's adoption. We'll be headed to Utah in early September to be there for the court date where Forest will be officially declared our child. Then we'll be able to take him to the temple to have him sealed into our family forever, and we can bless him in church too. I can't wait!


Ben, Jen and the kids said...

wahoo! Really summer is over.. I guess because kids are in school and such! But its still hot! Better than 115--your right on that one! ;)

L. said...

You can't believe how long I laughed over that one comment about it being so much cooler at only 100 degrees F.

Crazy Lady! I'd be lying on the patio, stone dead and rotting fast!

Lets see, what degree comes after PhD? Are you headed for MD, DDS, or What? You're a sucker for "larnen'"

What a joy when little Forest is ALL YOURS!

Jess said...

How EXCITING!!! I'm so excited that you are starting school again. I'm even more excited that Forest will be able to be sealed to you and your family. What a blessing.