Thursday, August 20, 2009

Court Date Update: Wait Some More!

I got a call yesterday from the lawyer's office in Utah, and they told us that the judge wants to see all the paperwork before he will set a court date. I guess usually the judges will set a court date and then review the papers, but this judge has been overbooked, so he wants to make sure it's all set to go before he'll even give a date. More waiting!

At least the receptionist/paralegal (not sure what her job title is) said she would rush everything and get it to the judge's clerks ASAP. I also haven't heard yet about school, but since it starts Monday, I have a sneaking suspicion if I do get accepted, it wouldn't be for this semester. That may be for the best because we're having a hard time figuring out how to come up with tuition. Since I started grad school in 2001, tuition has gone up about 30%. That's not an exact calculation but pretty close. I used to pay $1400 for full-time tuition and now it would be $1700 for ONE CLASS!!!! Crazy!

Waiting, waiting, waiting....

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