Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Baby

We had our weekly phone call today with our birthmom, K, and she seemed to be in much better spirits than the last time we talked. We had a few good laughs about how terrible it is to stay in the hospital and how awful hospital food is. Anyone who has stayed in the hospital for more than a couple days knows what I'm talking about, especially if they put you on any dietary restrictions.

When I was pregnant with Maija and in the hospital for a week, I had gestational diabetes (on top of everything else) so they put me on a diabetic diet. It was awful!!! After a few days I reached my limit when they wouldn't give me milk! Apparently it wasn't allowed (at that hospital) for diabetics, and I just about freaked out one morning and cried to Kent, "All I want is milk! That's all I want!!!" He snuck me some. Such a loving hubby :-) Apparently, K had the same experience with butter. Since she has gall stones, they were restricting her fat intake and wouldn't allow her to eat any margarine or butter. She said she was begging the nurses for butter when they brought her a baked potato with no butter or sour cream.

On a more serious note, the doctors are now trying to get her to 37 weeks. This would be great for Joseph, but I hope K can handle all of this that long. She said to me, "I'm keeping him real safe for you. You better take good care of him." She also said that she had a 3D ultrasound yesterday and got great pictures of his face which she's going to put in the mail for us. I can't wait to see them. K told me, "They're gonna make you cry, Kim." I know they will.

So, better news this week, and we hope her body will hang in there as long as possible, as well as her state of mind. What a trooper she is and a strong woman. We're so grateful to her for all she's enduring for her son and consequently for us too.


Jen Johnson said...

We are excited for Joseph to arrive!

b davis said...

It is getting so close! How exciting.