Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Will They Say Next?

A couple of funny conversations with my children:

1st Conversation with Maija

Maija: Mommy, Robin Hood is the best person who ever lived on Earth.

Me: Actually, the best person to ever live on the earth was Jesus, and the prophets were very good too.

Maija: Yeah, Heavenly Father and Jesus were the best, then the prophets, then Robin Hood.

2nd Conversation with Bekah

Me: Bekah, don't be rude.

Bekah: I want to be rude!!!

Me: Then you're gonna go be rude in your room.

Bekah: OK!!! - as she storms off to her room.

Bekah singing in her room: I want to be rude in my room. I like to be rude in my room...


Tammy said...

Oh Mama! Just wait till this lil' beauty is 14 - heaven help us! :)
I am so glad you are journaling these things - my boys love to go back and read the things that they said when they were little. She'll love it!

b davis said...

What little cuties! I love it.

I am so happy to hear the baby news. Congratulations!

Lara said...

Oh Bekah just made my day.

And Robin Hood was pretty good...I do have to say. :)