Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ultrasound Pics of Baby Joseph

*Drum roll*... here are the first pictures ever taken of our soon-to-be baby boy, Joseph. His birthmother, K, sent them to us. It meant so much to us that she would send these, and it was so amazing to see that little face before he's even born. I cried when I first saw them.

Disclaimer: For those of you not familiar with ultrasounds, I know they are hard to see and don't look like much of anything at all, but to us parents they are beautiful!

Joseph's face - you can see his right arm at top of picture resting on his face

Sucking his thumb - this one's harder to make out but you can sort of see him sucking on his right thumb

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Jen Johnson said...

too cute! I am sooo excited for you!