Monday, September 13, 2010

Kiira's Adoption Finalized!

I can't even express the sense of relief and completeness you feel once you've heard the judge declare that your child is officially yours in the eyes of the law.

Today we drove down to Florence, Arizona for Kiira's adoption hearing. The judge, Stephen F. McCarville, was very friendly and got the kids involved; he asked them to come up to his podium and gave them candy. He asked us if we were prepared to be Kiira's mother and father - YES! Then he officially declared that we are Kiira's father and mother in the eyes of the court and by law. It was the best feeling walking out of the courthouse knowing that we are blessed to be this sweet little girl's parents in every sense.

Of course, we had to take a picture.
(Click on pic to see larger)


L. said...

What a GREAT PICTURE! (Is the judge married? He's cute. But he's probably 10 years younger and very much with family.)

You all look wonderful and happy. Forest and Kiira are more beautiful than ever. And your blonds have always been stunning.

The only problem with a racially mixed family is where to set the light adjustment on the camera.

Reverberating congratulations!

Sara Schumacher said...

Ahhhh congrats. :)

Tammy said...

Ah-dorable! It brought a little grateful tear to my eye :)
SO happy for your perfect little family -