Wednesday, September 22, 2010

O Scorpion, Where Is Thy Sting?

One of my biggest fears was realized tonight. My child was stung by a scorpion. It was actually my oldest, Maija, who suddenly began screaming and howling like I've never heard her before. I was on the phone with my sister and told her something was wrong and I had to go. When I walked into the playroom, there was my husband smashing a scorpion, and Maija screaming and crying and completely freaking out.

My first thought was to watch her and make sure she didn't have an adverse reaction. I had heard the stories of my brother-in-law getting stung as a kid and going into seizures. Although I had also heard of several other in-laws getting stung and being fine. Luckily, Maija was fine other than a really sore arm and lots of tears. She laid in her bed for over an hour getting over the sting, but probably even more so the shock of having been stung by a scorpion. See, it's one of Maija's biggest fears too. I guess now that it's actually happened, we're over the irrational fears. Although, I'm going to be a LOT more alert watching for scorpions. Ugh!


L. said...

How HORRIFYING! That's one of my great fears too! I don't care if I'm a scorpio, I loathe and detest the little beggars!

I've read that if you have an ultraviolet light on a long cord, you can do a nightly sweep of your house and grounds with it, and any scorpion will glow in the dark. Then you may proceed to destroy!

How's she feeling now? Did it leave a mark or swelling, and for how long?

The White House!! said...

Hey Kim! I used to live right next to state land when my oldest two were babies. I had tons of scorpions and two snakes in my house with several snakes outside my house but here is what a freaked out mom of two babies did..after much investigation and there might be new things now but I put the baby crib legs each in glass jars cuz they cant climb up glass, they can however climb walls, so we took screening for windows and got it at walmart and covered the inside of each ac vent and also the vents and the bathroom ones and the stove ones and the laundry room. We also weather sealed each door and window. We also made sure to spray which was difficult considering where we lived but keeping the food supply down was very helpful. So that is my crazy advise only cuz I know how you feel I was bit like three times when I was alone with four little kids while Trav was out of town calling poison control is a good idea because they new I was alone and if I were to have an allergic reaction they could do something for me. They called every hour into the night. Rielly was little and was stung by a very small one he was okay to. But it is heartbreaking to see your child feel that kind of pain. Anyways after that we did everything possible to try and prevent them from entering our house I think it made a huge difference considering where we lived but anyways just thought I would pass that along its not hard and makes you feel a little better.. good luck..

Omgirl said...

I thought those could do serious damage. I guess not that variety?